S3 Facial Aesthetics


S3 Facial Aesthetics provides a range of packages for the our clients to ensure they get the best results for their facial aesthetics needs. Below are some of the packages we offer to help clients find the solution for them, but we can also provide bespoke packages for clients looking for that something special. If you would like a tailor-made S3 Facial Aesthetics treatment then please click on the bespoke solutions tab below and we will contact you to get more information about your aims and goals.


Skin Assessments, Scanning & LED Light Mask Therapy

Our specialist skin scanning process uses the latest technology to analyse your skin for hydration, sun damage, block pores and your skin age. This visual analysis clearly shows your skin health and allows you to see if your current skin care regime is suitable. We base our recommendations on evidence based clinical care and continue to work with you with further analysis to ensure the S3FA skin care regime is working for you.

Skin Products & Supplements

We offer a number of skin products and supplements to help improve skin health. Regular skin care is important but it can be difficult to maintain. Our skin supplements are proven to work and fit into busy lifestyles.


Bespoke S3 Facial Aesthetics Solution

Our bespoke package is for the client looking for the long term solution to their skin and dental needs. Many people suffer from recurrent skin conditions that do not resolve completely and require regular care. Our bespoke solution involves regular skin assessments, scanning and skin care product regimes as well as LED light mask therapy. This pack also includes regular deep skin moisturizing treatments, chemical peels, facials and skin supplement care.

Our skin care programme complements our dental care packages ensures your dental and facial needs are covered.


Wedding Packages

The Wedding package involves assessment for facial aesthetics and dental aesthetics. The assessments take into account your time frame for treatment and the focus is on giving you the best skin for your wedding day as well as the perfect smile for your photos.

The package will also have a recommended plan to look after your skin and smile especially when you are away on your honeymoon.

  • Invisible Braces & Teeth Whitening Consultation for £100

  • Facial Aesthetics Consultation including Skin Scanning for £50

  • Specialist Skin Product Recommendation £25

  • Skin, Facial & Smile Aesthetics Assessment - £125 (includes all of the above)




Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti Wrinkle treatments at S3 Facial Aesthetics involve the use of botulinum toxin type A.

Botox®, Dysport, Bocoture or Azzalure are approved product names for the for the botulinum toxin and are incredibly popular treatments for the cosmetic treatments of wrinkles and frown lines.

These products work in a similar fashion, where they inhibit stimulation of nerves. This causes the muscles that cause facial wrinkles to relax. The more relaxed the muscles are the less strength they have to produce folds in the skin. It is the contraction of the facial muscles that overtime cause these folds to occur and become deeper and permanent.

Research between products shows that depending on the area to be treated, that one product may be more effective than the other. Our expertly trained team will advise you on the best product to get you the best looking result.


Facial Rejuvenation - Dermal & Lip Fillers

Facial Rejuvenation at S3 Facial Aesthetics involves the use of Dermal Fillers and Botox treatments.

Our expertly trained surgeons offer non surgical facelift options as part our treatments and we can provide fantastic results to make you look younger and keep you that way using a variety of products.

As we get older, our skin loses collagen filled with hyaluronic acid. It is the combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid that add volume to the skin and particularly the face. The lack of hyaluronic acid will result in wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Facial rejuvenation at S3 Facial Aesthetics involves the use of hyaluronic acid to add volume to these areas and stimulate collagen growth and can overtime restore the face to a more natural appearance. The dermal filler product selection is essential for this to happen.

Common dermal filler products used at S3 Facial Aesthetics are Bolotero, Profhilo, Perfectha, Juvéderm and Restylane. All the product used at S3 Facial Aesthetics are tested thoroughly and backed by years of clinical trials and results before being used at S3 Facial Aesthetics.

Cost of treatment depends on each patient and essentially how much of the product is required. Early intervention with Dermal Fillers can mean less is needed later on in life.


Deep Skin Moisturising Treatments & Peels

We are incredibly excited to add this treatment range to our treatment range.

Sunekos is a new injectable treatment containing a patented formula of amino acids and Hyaluronic acid. It regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce a complete mix of collagen and elastin.

Sunekos is a great option for patients who wish to maintain a more natural look, or those who do not want or need Botox or fillers.

We also provide additional treatments using ZO Skin Health. From the creator of Obagi Skin Care products, ZO Skin Health is the next generation of products designed to get unparalleled results and is firmly regarded as one of the worlds best facial aesthetics skin product.


Mesotherapy Skin Treatments

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids cocktails are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin. This infusion of savvy ingredients nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin’s natural elasticity.


Skinade - Award Winning Collagen Drink

Skinade collagen drinks provide a breakthrough inside out approach to skincare, this multi award winning formulation combines 6 powerful active ingredients working synergistically to reach the skin at a cellular level to promote normal skin function.

The advanced formulation of low molecular weight collagen and essential micro-nutrients ensures rapid absorption, aiming to nourish your skin from the inside and promoting a more youthful, glowing and radiant complexion.

Engineered as a collagen drink, skinade offers a huge advantage in terms of absorption rates. skinade functions isotonically, ensuring that our collagen peptides and essential micro-nutrients achieve an absorption rate of 90-95% - A level that can never be matched by tablets or powders.

Recently endorsed by Victoria Beckham and Sienna Millar this drink is available at S3 Facial Aesthetics and we can deliver both pre-mixed and travel versions of Skinade to ensure you have it with you every day.



ZO Skin Health, Inc. develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. By providing comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients, ZO Skin Health, bridges the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, allowing patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, ethnicity or unique skin condition.



The first line of defence against fine lines and wrinkles is to keep skin hydrated and protected from damaging sun exposure. It starts with a basic daily skin care routine that uses high levels of advanced skin care ingredients to aid in the fight against the natural ageing process. The Daily Skincare Program is an everyday skincare essential to help strengthen and maintain healthy looking and glowing skin.


  • Helps preserve and maintain glowing skin and a more youthful complexion.

  • Helps prevent future damage by protecting skin from the sun.

  • Improves and maintains the appearance of even skin tone and finer pores.

  • Keeps dry skin hydrated.

Program Contents

Exfoliating Cleanser – 60 mL / 2.0Fl. Oz.

Exfoliating Polish – 16.2 g / 0.57 Oz.

Complexion Renewal Pads – 30 Pads

Daily Power Defense – 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.


The Best Way to Get Rid of Acne

A complete line of highly effective products formulated to treat clogged pores, blackheads (comedones), papules and pustules (pimples) and cysts. Can also be prescribed as a preventative treatment for acne and breakouts.

Exfoliating Cleanser – Net Wt. 150mL / 5 FL Oz.

Exfoliating Polish – Net Wt. 65 g / 2.3 Oz.

Complexion Renewal Pads – 60 Pads

Sulfur Masque – Net Wt. 85 g / 3.0 Oz.


This moderately aggressive skin care routine, with highly advanced anti-ageing ingredient technology, is designed to help reduce the appearance of early or significant signs of environmental and chronological ageing. The Anti-Ageing Program uses potent ingredients, concentrated formulas and aggressive delivery systems to improve and strengthen skin’s appearance and to protect against future damage.


  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and face wrinkles.

  • Promotes a more even-looking skin tone and finer pore appearance.

  • This skin care routine preserves and maintains a more youthful complexion.

  • Helps prevent future skin damage by protecting against the harmful effects of the sun.

Program Contents

Exfoliating Cleanser – 60 mL / 2.0Fl. Oz.

Exfoliating Polish – 16.2 g / 0.57 Oz.

Complexion Renewal Pads – 30 Pads

Daily Power Defense – 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.

Growth Factor Serum – 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.


No matter what time of year or where you live, you must protect your skin every day to prevent premature ageing. These two powerhouse anti-age ing formulas by Zein Obagi, M.D. are designed to work together, offering maximum protection from the damaging effects of sun exposure and environmental pollutants and irritants.

Ossential® Daily Power Defense is formulated with retinol, enzymes and antioxidants to help repair damaged cells and protect against future damage. This skin restorer promotes collagen production, uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skin’s recovery capabilities and encourages cellular activity to aid in skin cell repair. The special enzymes in this daily defense serum attach directly to your own DNA molecules and repair oxidative damage such as skin pigmentation caused by UV exposure.

Oclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 uses a multiple-defense sun protection system that provides full-spectrum defense against UVA rays and UVB rays. Additionally, natural melanin shields skin from the ageing effects of HEV light (high-energy visible light). This multi-tasking SPF sunscreen and makeup primer combination delivers a universal tint and silky matte finish to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. This SPF can be used alone or worn under makeup for a more even, long-lasting application.